Welcome to the Morgan Studio in Sedona, Arizona
Historical and Contemporary Bronze Sculpture by professional artist Clyde "Ross" Morgan

Morgan realistically portrays his enthusiasm for history, the emotion of human existence and the events of his own life in his bronzes. A lifetime of experience enriches his bronzes with the quality of truth that can only come from having "been there."

Morgan's commitment to creating bronzes that are not only historically and anatomically correct but also reflect the variety of the human experience is the hallmark of Morgan's work. His passion for history is demonstrated in his endless quest for "the rest of the story" -- the little known things that help bring a piece of sculpture to life.

Morgan's sculptures are nationally and internationally acclaimed and are in both private and public collections around the world.

We also feature a line of jewelry based on the Model A, a classic for all times.

  • Classic Cars

  • Western and Southwestern Sculpture

  • Bronze & Sterling 1932 Fords

  • Western and Southwestern Sculpture

  • Monumental and Public Art