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Red Rocks and the Cowboy Artist

A Public Art Project commissioned by the City of Sedona, Arizona

A two-fold tribute: one to the oldest and most inspiring feature of Sedona - its red rocks - and the other, a more comtemporary historical event - the founding of the Cowboy Artists of America. In 1965, Sedona became the birthplace of the prestigious organization known as the Cowboy Artists of America. The CAA is dedicated to preserving the history and authenticity of the West as it was and is through representational art.

One of the four original founders and a Sedona resident, Joe Beeler, is depicted here with his eyes fixed upon a very familiar rock formation, the Snoopy Rock. The young aspiring artist preparing to photograph the monument follows the statue's gaze to the distant rock formation as seen from the sculpture site. Perhaps she will inspire future generations of artists in their quest to record and share the beauty of this area.

Joe Beeler passed on in 2006.

Maquettes available.

Red Rocks and the Cowboy Artist