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Gray Wolf Follows

Bronze, Edition of 27

General George Crook served in Arizona during 1870-1880, and was called upon to place the various Apache tribes on reservations. During part of this effort, he pursued the famous Geronimo, depicted here with Naiche, son of Cochise.

Pursuit of the Apaches took the U.S. Army through some of the most desolate and rugged territories in the country. Only a man of great determination and conviction would stick to the trail; Crook was such a man. Because of this and because he was known to keep his word to the Apaches, he was called, "Gray Wolf." It was exceedingly difficult to encounter the Apaches by traditional means, but one method that proved successful, was to listen for the crying babies and barking dogs of the tribe.

Crook and his mule, "Apache" were not noted for utilizing military accouterments and never received nor sought military recognition, but historians speak highly of his efforts and personal values.

Gray Wolf Follows